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Who Becomes the Next RNC Chairman is Less Important than What The RNC Should Become.

WATCH: Accepting (and Giving) the Awards.

How D.C. Conservative Establishment Welfare Elevates Anti-MAGA Grifters.

It's Not 'Racist' to Ask Someone Where They're From, As Buckingham Palace Staffer Resigns For Doing Just That.

Working on Some Things.

Nailed It.

My 'Must Watch' Explainer of Trump v. DeSantis and the 'Red Wave' Expectation Follies.

Blame Trump for the ‘Red Trickle’? Nonsense.

Woodward's 'Trump Tapes' Reveal a Weak and Tedious Watergate Writer Struggling for Headlines and Influence.

What On Earth is Happening in Britain?

Confidence Woman Maggie Haberman's Book is Just a 600-Page Copy-Paste of Old New York Times Columns.

Of Course Britain's 'Conservative Party' Had Drag Queens & Trans Activists at Its Annual Conference.

The Washington Post is Now Pushing Black People to Leave America. Yes, Really.

The Surprisingly Insightful Jared Kushner Book.

Remarkably Honest Atlantic Mag Bit on Bannon.

A Big Fat Thank You.

The Full $16Bn List of What Biden Has Sent Ukraine...

In Memoriam, Vincent Ungro.

Liz Truss is Just Boris Johnson in Drag.

Russia and Ukraine Came to Peace Terms in April... Then Boris Johnson Intervened.

The Mar-A-Lago Affidavit Really Does Read As If They Were Confiscating Russiagate Evidence.

Where's Biden? On Vacation. Again.

American Kleptocracy.

AUDIO: Pelosi, China, & GOP Hubris.

In Memoriam, Daniel J. Whitfield.

The Hawks Are Awfully Sheepish on China.

Yellow Sun Bad?

QAnon and Dogshit Polling.

Tom Nichols: Exemplar of Bedswerving D.C. Grifters.

The Atlantic's Poet Laureate, Volodymyr Zelensky, is Cringier Than Natasha Bedingfield.

WATCH: Obama Admits His ‘Pro Democracy’ Initiatives Are Losing Against China.

An Ode to the QR Code.

Ricky Gervais’s ‘SuperNature’: Less Edgy, More Hedgy.

CNN’s Hypocritical Shrieking About ‘Replacement Theory’ and Buffalo.

What Connects ‘Birds Aren’t Real’, the Roe v Wade Leak, and A New Era of American Censorship?

Don’t Put All Your Eggs in Elon Musk.

WaPo’s Walter Mitty Gave Me an Idea.

Don't Say G.. roomer?

On Being Plagiarized.

#DarkMAGA is Here. But What Is It?

The Women Who Change My Life Everyday.

The 'Globalist Safe Space' Interview, Raheem Kassam on GB News March 3rd.

'Bel Air' Isn't Bad. 'Ted K' is REALLY Good.

Is This REALLY All Putin’s Fault, And Why Is Google Funding This Weird Indian Fact Check Team?

A Google-Funded 'Fact Check' Team Appears to Be a Handful of Potentially Non-Existent Indians in an Impoverished Town Near Bangladesh.

Mike Pence’s REAL Reason for Trump-Bashing & Fauci’s Never-Ending Pandemic.

Is Muse's 'Won't Stand Down' an Anti-Lockdown Anthem?

A Day in the Life of America's Wokest General.

Can We Skip to the Good Part?

I'm Just Going to Leave This Here.

CNN is *Offended* Over Something It Actually Made Up About Robert Kennedy Jr.

I Lowered my Expectations, Had a Margarita, and Went Kickboxing. Here’s What I Learned.

Some of the Things The Media Won't Tell You About the Texas Synagogue Terrorist.

Beef-Squashin’, Chicken-Hunting, Tweet-Deleting, Texas-Talkin’ (w Gavin Wax)

How They Ruined How I Met Your Mother.

Is The Trump-DeSantis Beef Real? Here’s the Truth.