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I Read Biden’s Afghan Whitewash Report So You Don’t Have To. Here’s What Stands Out.


Trump's 'Arrest', Ron's 'Response', and Raheem's 'Cojones'.

Biden’s Commerce Sec. Says She’s Reluctant to Ban China’s TikTok Because Democrats Would ‘Lose Every Voter Under 35 Forever’.

REVIEW: Curtis Ellis's Posthumous 'Pandemonium' Book is a Must Read for Chinese Communist Party Skeptics.

Murdoch's Dominion 'Admission' Is His Calculated Way of Neutering His Pro-Trump Fox Anchors, or FIRING Them.

Trump Grand Jury Foreman is into 'Green Witchcraft' & Even CNN Admits She's a 'Prosecutor’s Nightmare'.

Fox vs. Dominion Discovery Docs Show Employees Admitting Their Products Were "Riddled" With Critical Bugs Leading to Incorrect Results.

Daily Show Creator Freaks Out Over Gutfeld Ratings, But Says Audience is 'Gross' Anyway.

Forbes Hit Piece on Project Veritas is Written By a Scientist Funded by... Guess Who!?

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Ray Epps's Jan 6th Interview Gets Even Weirder Than His 'I Orchestrated It' Text.