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First I've heard of RFK Jr. being a "psyop".

And I can't say that I disagree.

If President Donald Trump does go to jail as you think he will, this can only be a huge win for MAGA and America First because we will elect him anyway.

Good interview Raheem.

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Love you Raheem but you are so incredibly wrong about covid and the vaccines, and Trump’s perspective on them. He was POTUS, with access to the best people and data if he wanted it. How did I, a carpenter reading in my spare time after work, figure out in April 2020 that there was no public health emergency (no pandemic) and Trump still hasn’t figured it out? I suppose he was ignorant and duped by others but does that justify what he put in motion? On Sept 18, 2019, the WHO made an announcement that the world was unprepared for a pandemic. On Sept 19, 2019, Trump signed (already written and waiting) EO 13887, which fast tracked the mRNA vaccine technology and was a wet dream for Fauci, Gates, WHO, NIH, CCP, CDC and Big Pharma. And lets not forget accepting a million bucks from Pfizer for his inauguration! Dr Pete Navarro admitted on Steve Bannon’s show in early 2022 that they picked a vaccine that “was already in the pipeline.” Wait! What? How was a covid vaccine already in the pipeline before covid? How did this carpenter publish on Twitter in Dec 2020, before the vaccine rollout, that the vaccines would be the deadliest ever? I’d share the link but my account got banned. A carpenter in Kentucky more informed than Donald Trump, president of the United States???

It is a simple, provable fact there was never a covid pandemic. Stanford epidemiologist Dr Jay Bhattacharya proved in April 2020 covid had an IFR comparable to seasonal flu. They used a fraudulent PCR test to generate fake cases and deaths. I have the CDC and FDA documents proving PCR tests couldn’t differentiate between covid and flu, we know flu cases incredibly disappeared to nothing in 2020, and the Nobel Prize winning inventor of the test said specifically that PCR couldn’t tell you if you were sick or not and could find anything in anyone if run enough cycles. They refused to inform on simple immune boosting, which any rational medical leader would do in an actual public health emergency. They refused to allow simple, cheap, early treatments that would have dropped “covid” fatalities 80% or more (they did this because covid vaccines would have been illegal otherwise). And they bribed hospitals, media, and politicians to go along with the con. Everything that was done was the exact opposite of what should be done in an actual pandemic and Trump was the leader of the free world when the policies were laid down! It was the biggest wealth transfer in human history and millions of people have been killed or injured by the covid gene therapy bioweapons that destroy natural immunity.

There is simply no excuse for such an intelligent and articulate man such as yourself to keep covering for Trump. It is past time for him to admit his mistake, apologize to the world, and promise to hang all the fuckers who did it, if he is able to overcome yet another stolen presidential election.

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