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CNN’s Hypocritical Shrieking About ‘Replacement Theory’ and Buffalo.

A 2018 clip shows them discussing the same things Tucker Carlson does.

CNN is shrieking about the Buffalo mass murderer believing in the “great replacement theory” or “replacement theory” often discussed by political rightists. It’s not worth denying demographic shift is a major issue in the West, and it’s not worth denying demographic shifts are linked to politics and political power. And CNN admits that, too.

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In this clip from 2018, CNN host Michael Smerconish interviews Prof. Rogelio Saenz from the University of Texas. The pair discuss, at length in the full interview, the changing demographics in America and what impact that will have on U.S. politics.

That’s not different from how the oft-condemned discuss the subject, except for the fact that neither Smerconish nor Saenz discuss the intentional importation of voters in order to affect the nation’s politics. That is now what CNN is claiming is the critical part of replacement theory. Except there’s a problem. Smerconish implies it. And not even subtly:

“Long term, the GOP’s got a problem. That’s the bottom line. That’s how I apply your demographic information to the current political dynamic.”

– Michael Smerconish, CNN, 2018

Combine the motive (more left-wing votes) with the actions (Biden’s open border) and you don’t really have a “conspiracy theory.” You have a fact pattern.


And back to Buffalo for second. Replacement theory isn’t about black people in America. It’s about new and especially illegal mass migration for the same political ends Smerconish implies above.

That this is a hill CNN wants to fight on, despite their own coverage of the subject, amuses me greatly. Share it.

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